Monday, September 12, 2016


NDGM celebrated its 53rd Foundation Day last week. This year's theme is "Imitating Mary as Witness to Jesus' Love and Mercy". Elementary School Day (Preschool to Grade 6)  is scheduled on September 7 while High School Day (Grade 7 to 10) is September 8.

The September 7 Event started with Notre Dame procession. The procession is from the Main Gymnasium going around outside the school's vicinity. We didn't join in the procession to give the little girl some time to rest.

After the procession is the assembly of the ES students to assigned classrooms per section to prepare them for the presentation. Then, it was followed by the Elementary School Mass Demonstration at the Main Gymnasium.

View of set-up rides from little girl's classroom...

Our little girl was actually not feeling so well during the performance. She was having stomach pains the day before the presentation. We allow her to attend the Field Demo because she really wanted to perform and we know she can do it despite of her occasional pains.

She managed to dance during the presentation. She was positioned at the front middle row. She's the smallest girl in her class :). Her costume is yellow T-shirt, blue skater skirt and rubbershoes. Their hand props is a silver pompoms with white gloves.

Their group was competing against Grade One. And they were awarded as the The Most Dynamic Group.

Grade One Presentation...

Grade Two Presentation...

After program mandatory selfies :))...

After the program, we proceeded to her Pedia for a follow up check up.

The two Kuya's costume is a batch shirt, P.E. jogging pants and rubber shoes. They didn't want us anymore to watch them perform. They just go by themselves on High School Mass Demonstration. And so, is this the start of having a world of their own? :(.


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