Sunday, June 26, 2016


This is an overdue post :).

We went for a night swimming three weeks ago to celebrate my MILs birthday in a nearby resort across our house. Everyone agreed for a night swimming so we can make preparations for the event in morning. This is also to avoid sunburns in daytime and for a much cooler dip in the pool. The youngsters were happy to see each other again for a longer cousin bonding. The day after, we went for a buffet dinner in Solaire Fresh as hubby's treat for his mom. Since it is our first time, we stroll around the casinos for some picture taking :).

Afternoon delight...

Sunday, May 29, 2016


My two boys confirmation day was held yesterday in Shrine of Our Lady Of Grace, Grace Park Caloocan. Catholic churches usually schedule confirmation only once a year and normally falls on the Feast Day of the Church. Their confirmation was administered by Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, the assigned bishop of the Diocese of Caloocan.

We decided to only have one pair of sponsor each as godparents for their confirmation. We chose our closest relative as their Ninong and Ninang.

Picture taking before the ceremony...

Sunday, May 08, 2016


We had an advance celebration of Mother's Day yesterday. We went to mall to buy the kids' school supplies, attend the Saturday anticipated mass and dine out for a pizza dinner. It is just a simple celebration with my forever loves.


We had a relaxing two days and one night sponsored trip in Batangas...a getaway from our hectic life in Manila. We stayed in Haybols Scuba Hub, a bed and breakfast inn that offers scuba diving services, open water swimming and rescue courses. It is an old bamboo house renovated and converted into a bed and breakfast guesthouse located in Mabini, Batangas.

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by their friendly staffs and lead us to the main house. The entrance have a shoe rack where you can leave your shoes/slippers. Guests are required to remove footwear upon entering the house. The interior is a rustic country home...a traditional Filipino vacation house. The reception, dining and entertainment area have bamboo flooring. Windows are made of capiz wooden panels.

It has three modern rooms in the main house named as: Pating, Pawikan and Pagi. It is a carpeted air-conditioned room with two queen sized bed. Each room also has towels and bathrobes.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


We were very happy with our kids accomplishments in school. They have performed well so they really deserve an exciting out of town summer vacation.

The overall grades are very good and they were all in the top rank of their class. Little girl has a medal. She is the Spelling Contest Winner for Grade 1 Level. But sad to say, our outing coincides with our little girl's recognition date. The outing was actually set ahead before her school informed us on the recognition date.

It was supposed to be our first recognition but we don't want to cancel the outing. So we let the little girl choose where she want to go. And she chose the beach outing :). We will just get her medal on the school enrollment.

The two days and one night beach outing in Morong, Bataan consists of several families bonded as a get-together of Hubby's former co-workers. All kids are familiar already with each other because they have met several times already on the recent birthday party events. Their group were also inseparable :).

Here are some of our photos:
Breakfast...Our first stop while waiting for the others to arrive...
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