Sunday, December 19, 2010


My eldest celebrated his First Communion Day recently. The First Communion Mass was scheduled by class or section and took place at the school chapel. To observe the solemnity of the celebration, parents and guests are not allowed to take pictures during the mass. Only the school's official photographer is allowed to take pictures. Each pupil will be given a remembrance photo taken during the mass celebration.

Their school chaplain discussed in his homily the meaning and responsibility of partaking the holy eucharist. My son was one of the readers and I'm so proud of him because he was able to deliver it properly. The Holy Communion Certificates were distributed thereafter. Parents were also given time to take pictures inside the chapel.

We just re-enacted some of the activities for picture taking purposes.

 photo PC150071.jpg
 photo PC150075.jpg
 photo PC150084.jpg
 photo PC150089.jpg
 photo PC150090.jpg
 photo PC150092.jpg
 photo PC150093.jpg
 photo PC150097.jpg
 photo PC150101.jpg
 photo PC150103.jpg
 photo PC150104.jpg
 photo PC150106.jpg
 photo PC150108.jpg
 photo PC150111.jpg
 photo PC150116.jpg
 photo PC150119.jpg

The First Communion certificate and remembrance necklace...


anne said...

wow congrats to your kid o girl

DadEngrMommmyLES said...

you must have been very proud of your son. One proud Mama :P

genny said...

i remember when duting my first communion,i was alone because my mother is no longer around. congrats to your son.

jellybelly said...

Not a little boy anymore :) Congratulations on this important milestone!

Dhemz said... must be proud of him....:)

carinamodella said...

thanks! yeah very's my 2nd son turn next year :)

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