Monday, May 28, 2007


Today, I left my two sons in our house together with their Papa. But my husband is sleeping soundly as I left home. He’s sleeping in the mattress in our living area where my sons are also watching TV. Their yaya needs to do important things in his son’s school. She said she will be at our house by 10:00am.

Before I left, I told them I have prepared their milk already and they can get it on the fridge anytime they want.

So, I go to the office at 7:30am and left my two sons watching TV with their sleeping father knowing that they will be alone for almost 2 and a half hours.

As I arrived in the office at 8:30am, I called them to check if everything was okay. I talked to my four year old son, which is my eldest and told him that they can wake up their Papa if they wanted more milk or if they wanted to poo. But keep quiet and behave as much as possible so their Papa can get enough sleep.
I called again at 9:30am to check my two sons and everything was still okay. They said they had finished their milk and was watching cartoons.

I called for the third time at past 10am and they were still doing fine. But their yaya still wasn’t there. With this, I felt nervous for my two sons and felt guilty at the same time thinking that I should have taken a leave to watch after them.

My eldest son said, “ Bakit ang dami mo namang tawag sa amin, Mama?” This is because I usually called them once or twice during work hours. When I asked my youngest, what he is doing? He told me that, “ Nagpapatay po ng langgam, ang dami kasi e, pinapalo ko po sila ng slippers.” I was about to burst out laughter but I regained my composure and just told him to stop that and stay away from the ants.

I called again at 11:30am and at last their yaya was there. She said she’s home at 10:30am and my sons were eating bananas when she came.

Whew! That was a stressful morning than my usual tasks here in the office.

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