Wednesday, June 27, 2007


MJs classes started last June 2, up to now he’s still in the adjustment phase for the many new things he’s into.
New school…
New teacher…
New classmates…
A bigger room…
A bigger class…
And no more waiting yaya’s outside the room.

The LAST is the one I‘m most scared of. So questions keep coming on my mind like:
Who will look after him when he wanted to pee?
Who will accompany him to his room? To the stairs?
Who will open his baon?
Who will change his clothes after his PE?

* * * * * * * * * *

During the first week of schooling, he’s taking home the plastic wrappers of his baon, including the tetra pack of his unfinished chocolate drink. One time the leftover drink spills on him on his way home. So the next day as i go with him in his classroom, I showed him the waste basket beside the door. I told him to place there the plastic wrappers and tetra packs.

* * * * * * * * * *

Two days ago, their class was dismissed late. He pee on his shorts while they are on hold near the gate as the guard announces each pre-school name and calls the waiting parents/yayas outside to fetch the young students. I just don’t know whether he was too shy to approach someone to help him in the Comfort Room or just didn’t hold his urine during that time. I talked to him about the incident. I understand my son, he’s still young and doesn’t know how to deal with different situations. I didn’t nag him. I spoke calmly and give instructions to approach someone when he wanted to pee. I also told him the consequences of this incident. And I’m very sure that after this mother-son talk, this really won’t happen again.

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