Wednesday, September 27, 2006


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Last September 12, my father-in-law died due to lung complications. My sons, were not at the right age yet to comprehend the misery of losing a loved one. When they saw their Lolo in a casket, they wonder why he was just sleeping in a narrow bed. We told them that their Lolo will be sleeping endlessly. They cannot be able talk or play with him anymore. But he will still be there, watching both of them in the distance if they were good or bad.

In the interment, they were confused why everybody around them was crying. With anxiety, they both told me that they don’t want to see me cry.

In the crematorium, we showed them the ashes of their Lolo and encouraged them to touch it. Yaku said, “Is that Lolo?” He cannot believe what he’s seeing. Their Lolo's ashes was placed into a huge vase. I even didn’t expect for a boy like him to fully understand what is really happening.

It is sad that they had only a few memories with their Lolo. May these memories remain in their hearts so they will have something to look back into as they grow up.

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