Thursday, October 26, 2006


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Yesterday was United Nation’s Day in Barangay 100 Unit II Day Care Center. Everybody was delighted on the student’s colorful costumes. Kuya wears a Hawaiian costume accessorized by hawaiian leis. Half of the class participated in the event. The parade was accompanied by a band as it tours within the Barangay. The children marched hand in hand, displaying their national outfits.
My youngest, JM, though just wearing plain sando and shorts joined also in the parade. He was very eager to become part of his Kuya’s school activities. Although, MJ was bashful as he presented himself on the stage, we’re still glad that he was able to carry his floral costume well until the last part of the program.


thebeautyqueen said...

wow naman! sayang walang pics...

stage mom na din b?! well, it's just fine, ganyan tlga tyong mga mommy... proud sa ating mga tsikiting and i'm sure with your smart and cute boys, you will always be.

bueno, we're just starting ann... malayo pa ang lalakbayin natin as mom. goodluck!

carinamodella said...

Actually, nakapila na siya for scanning. Di ko palang nabibigay ke daboy..hehehe. You're right, mahaba-habang lakbayin pa ang ating tatahakin, friend. Well, goodluck na nga lang sa 'ting lahat!

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