Friday, September 08, 2006


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Many people have noticed that Kuya is getting slimmer while Yaku is getting bigger & heavier now. These two kids have extremely opposite behavior and physique. Though sometimes, they were mistaken as twins because of their resemblance to us. Kuya develops a sense of maturity and independence from the time he went to school. Maybe, this was one of the reasons why he trimmed down. He reduces intake of milk and substitute solid foods instead. He also became taller. The built of my eldest is better now, he can run faster without stumbling on the floor just like the way he used to before. Yaku, though have a big built is more flexible and energetic. He knows how to carry himself well. He has this hobby of holding and drinking his milk when he was bored and has nothing to do. Every time he pauses from one motion to another, you can see him lying down quietly in the sofa and drinking his milk.

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