Friday, July 17, 2015


Our little girl has been considered as one of the participants in their school's Math LEVAMEN program. Participants are chosen based on Guidance Test conducted, academic grades and teacher's nomination.

LEVAMEN is their school's program for the gifted pupils. This program is designed for the academic formation of fast and talented pupils that would lead them to a fuller realization of their potentials.

The program class have started last Monday. For Grade One participants, the class duration is one hour for three days in a week. So this means little girl will be spending an additional time in school aside from her regular class.

We don't want to miss this kind of opportunity so we allowed her to join. We know there will be a big adjustment on her part so we're giving her a trial period of one month. And then, the final decision will depend entirely on how she will be able to handle it.

Her first test :)...

So proud of you baby! I know you can do it little girl...Goodluck!

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