Friday, July 17, 2015


Are you familiar with the Pringles promo last March?
We've joined the promo by buying the Pringles bundle pack and registering and ordering online. Then, paid P25 for the shipping fee.

We place our order last March 17. Their website promo says that orders usually arrive within 40 days from placing of order.

When 40 days passed, I'm not expecting the item anymore. But then a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised when someone from Pringles called me and asking for directions to our house to deliver the party speaker. When the delivery guy came last Sunday, I told him that I thought they will not be delivering it at all. He said, there's a long list of waiting customers assigned to him and though it takes long, he must deliver all of it.

Our Pringles party speaker was delivered to our house last Sunday, July 12 :).

Thank you Pringles!

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