Saturday, April 02, 2011


How is your summer everyone?
The Siblings are enjoying the summer vacation about two days ago :). We're just lucky for squeezing in to our busy schedule on March the two swimming getaways that we had. Well, hoping everyone is having a great time.

March had been an exciting month for us. I would like to thank our dear Top Droppers for the month. Thank you very much for your regular visits.

Below are my TOP EC DROPPERS and their corresponding number of drops based on statistics I got dated April 1, 1:45PM Philippine time:
Dropper # of drops
Namz Crypt 28
eastcoastlife 27
Art and Musings of RetroCollage 27
comatised 25
Walk On Your Life 23
Winesworld The Wine Database. 23
Lainy's Musings 22
About Indonesia 21
Forced Green 20
Free Usable Tips For Home 20

See them for the whole month as featured in my sidebar.


Michelle said...

What's an EC Dropper? LOL


w0rkingAth0mE said...

bawi next time talaga ..

Mel Cole said...

Wow, you got lots of EC. :) Congrats and to your droppers.

carinamodella said...

thanks also for dropping by!

Dhemz said...

wala akong pag asa sa EC dropping...I removed myself...ehehehe!

carinamodella said...

ok lang commenter ka naman e :)

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