Sunday, April 03, 2011


Thank you once again guys! Your comments and thoughts are my true inspirations in writing. Words are not enough to express how grateful I am to see and hear from you every month.
Thank you so much everyone!
Happy Summer Vacation To All!

Here are my dear Top Commenters for the month with their corresponding average comments for the last 100 days. This is based on statistics I got dated April 1, 1:45PM Philippine time:

  1. Michelle (7) of Beautiful Loft
  2. Mona (7) of w0rkingAth0mE
  3. Dhemz (5) of My Life's Perception & Inspiration
  4. Anne (4) of My Little Home
  5. Hazel (4) of Pinx
  6. crazyme (3) of The Tottering Mama
  7. simply kim (3) of Kimmy Schemy
  8. imriz (3) of vanity blues
  9. anne (3) of My Little Home
  10. caroline (3) of TURNOY

    Note: Anne has actually a total of 7 comments and should rank as #3. It just happens that she occupies two notches in the list.

 You can see them also featured in my sidebar. But since I posted it just now, you will see slight movements on the Top Commenters places. My sidebar widget gets updated daily for every new comments received.


anne said...

You are always welcome carina btw do you mind to exlinks me with this blogs below?
SAHM’s Online Diary
My Daily Mumbles

Just message me so I can you add you thanks!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Yehey, i'm belong happy to be here always.

Michelle said...

This is sooo cool!! I had no idea I commented that much!! Thanks!! :)

anne said...

Thanks for the link Carina btw I have a tag for you My Little Home Just check when you have time, thanks!

Mel Cole said...

Congrats to your top commenters!

carinamodella said...

congrats and thank you for dropping by :)

Dhemz said...

awwwwwww...sweet...salamat sa linky love sis...much appreciated.

anne said...

Hi Carina thanks for adding my blogs, already added you too at
SAHM’s Online Diary
My Daily Mumbles

carinamodella said...

thanks and congrats anne and dhemz!

Arnel Syjuco Oroceo said...

Hello Carina, thanks for commenting on my blog. I really appreciate it. Hope you can come back to my blog one of these days. It's interesting that you can count commenting readers. Hope I can do that too. By the way, I'm from Caloocan.

carinamodella said...

your welcome arnel!

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