Sunday, November 14, 2010


My kids love to pose with the mannequin, statue, ad boards or any big image. Below are some of the pictures...

 photo 07272007008.jpg

 photo 12282008001.jpg
 photo 01122008003.jpg
 photo 02102008-001.jpg
 photo 02102008001-001.jpg
 photo 01122008005-001.jpg
 photo 01122008008-001.jpg
 photo 01122008006-001.jpg
 photo 11292007.jpg

 photo 01122008004-001.jpg  
 photo 09302007004.jpg

And our main character...Lol! :))

 photo 01122008001-001.jpg

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

hhahaa...uber daughter does that talaga...ehehehe!

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