Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What kept us busy this summer?
Well, here are the few activities we enjoyed this season:

Swimming…Here in the Philippines, people are already used to its tropical climate. But the weather is much hotter during the summer season. That is why it’s nice to take a splash in the water whether it is in the swimming pool, beach or portable pool.
Every summer, I ensure that we go to a beach so the kids will have fun playing in the sand and enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery that surrounds them.

Sports Fest…
My other half was busy every weekend coordinating and scheduling basketball games in our Barangay. He is the appointed person for the Barangay 100 Sports Fest. One of his duties is to make sure that everything is okay from the paraphernalias up to packing of things until the end of the game.

Summer is also a season for fiestas, a part of the typical Filipino culture.
We celebrated our Barangay Fiesta last May 6. There were parlor games for the children and even for the adults. There are lots of free ice cream and food served to everyone. At night, the stage was set for the Bingo and intermission numbers. Money prizes await the lucky winners.

Election…May 14 was declared as a non working holiday so Filipinos can exercise their freedom and the right to vote the deserving local leaders (6 Councilors, Congressman, Vice Mayor and Mayor) and 12 Senators.

Watching movie…
One of the blockbuster movies this summer is Spiderman 3. He is my sons’ favorite superhero ever. Gladly, we were able to watch the movie in the big screen. I like them to experience watching good movies in the cinema regardless how expensive it was.

Enrollment…As early as April, we were able to enroll Kuya in the big school. You need to spend one whole day in school to accomplish all the requirements and falling in line in the cashier, buying uniforms/patches/books, etc. The school will open by 2nd week of June.

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