Wednesday, March 22, 2006


For most moms, TV is such a part of daily life that it's almost impossible to steer the kids away from the screen. My two sons love to watch the famous 3D animations such as The Monsters, The Incredibles, Nemo, Ice Age and Toy Story repetitively. They truly admire these characters. The tapes are substantially worn-out because we keep on playing these movies all the time. I was even surprised when I heard my sons uttering lines & mimicking actions for the next scenes. And from this, I have learned that kids really remember things instantly.
These are all good movies but there are still few scenes that I don’t want them to witness. The best that I can do is to reinforce the messages and persistently explain the outcome of every volatile scene they watch.

"TV can never take the place of quality interactions with your child, but it can be a tool"

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