Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hi Everyone! It’s been a very long while since I made my last post :). I want to share with you our birthday celebrations which all fall on first quarter of the year.

My Little Girl
I prepared a little surprise for my little one on her birthday. I made a birthday banner decorated by mini balloons and cupcakes with personalized cake toppers. She loves Princess Sophia the First so much that’s why I made it as her birthday surprise theme. I go home early to doll her up to complete her birthday celebration. We cooked pasta and bought Jollibee chicken joy for our dinner as she requested. Hubby set up a dance floor where they can play and dance all night long :). Our little girl was so happy that day.


I wasn’t able to set up a birthday banner for him like what I did to my youngest. So, I just surprised him by giving birthday candies as soon as he walked downstairs for his breakfast. He requested Chinese cuisine for our dinner.

Unfortunately, all of his birthdays photos in our camera was lost. Here's two of the photos that I've saved on my phone :(...

We dine in one bakery café. They have excellent menu choices and the food is good. We only have one complain…they have poor service. Maybe because there are a lot of people on queue that day . We strolled in the mall and bought my kids their choice of books as I promised. We also went to Visual Trick Arts Gallery. The gallery has a number of pieces of artworks which will trick you or give you an illusion that make it looks like real. The kids are all in the mood to pose and discover their art trivia. They really enjoyed it most here. There’s also a post birthday celebration at the office where we prepared lunch and afternoon snacks for our team.

The Visual Art Gallery photos were lost as well in our cam. Here's some of our family celebration snapshots…

Office celebration snapshots…

Hubby celebrated his birthday in our house. All the viands were cooked by MIL.. His friends from Caloocan came to celebrate. Hubby is a little emotional because compared to past years, he wasn’t able to invite all of his friends. Nevertheless, I can say that everybody have enjoyed our modest celebration that day.


He likes the little birthday present that I prepared for him in the morning. At school, free lunch was his birthday treat for his close friends. Our menu for dinner: spaghetti, chicken, and cake for dessert :).

Last week, we officially started our summer. We went swimming in a nearby resort just across our house to celebrate our birthdays. It was a simple family bonding which the kids enjoy most. We all had a blast.

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