Tuesday, May 07, 2013


We wake up early in the morning to catch the early ferries going to Macau. We just walked from our hostel to China Ferry Terminal along Canton Road. The Turbo Jet Ferry ride takes an hour.

Upon arrival to Macau Ferry Terminal, we proceed to Immigrations Area for the arrival procedures. While looking around and getting maps, we were approached by a Filipino tourist guide. After a few talks, we decided to hire him to tour us around Macau. We couldn’t afford to get lost again as our feet were still tired from a lot of walking since day 1.  He assures us that we will not pay any transportation fees because we will just travel from one place to another via minimal walking and using the free shuttles provided by the hotels.

Grand Emperor Hotel
From the terminal, we ride a free shuttle provided by Grand Emperor Hotel. We made a quick stop to the hotel and take some pictures.

Senado Square
Our next stop is Senado Square. We walked from Grand Emperor Hotel to Senado Square. Although Hongkong Dollars is accepted in Macau, we still exchange some of our Dollars to Macau Pataca. Then, have our lunch for second time around in McDonalds :)). We also made a quick visit in one of the Catholic Church there.

Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral
We walked from Senado Square to Ruins of St. Paul. There are a lot of food taste samples at the food shops along the way. Hubby also tried some street foods there. We visit some shops to buy their famous Portuguese egg tarts. It is hot and freshly cooked and very yummy :). This should be consumed within 4 days only and lasts for more than a week if refrigerated. I only bought 2 boxes of egg tarts because it may spoil or the taste quality may change if I bring it in the Philippines as we will still be spending 3 days in Hongkong. We also bought pastries and souvenirs for pasalubong back home.

The Ruins of St. Paul is the famous sight in Macau. The front facade and grand stone stairs are the only remains of the greatest church in Macau. St. Paul's Church caught fires in 1595 and 1601 respectively. Reconstruction started in 1602 after the church was burnt down and completed in 1637. Unfortunately, a violent typhoon hit Macau in 1835 and the church caught fire for third time.
(Source: http://www.chinatouronline.com) 

Na Tcha Temple 
We also visit the Na Tcha Temple on the left side of the ruins of St. Paul Cathedral.

Galaxy Hotel
From Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral, we walked for a few minutes to ride the free shuttle provided by Galaxy Hotel. We take pictures on the wishing crystals and watched the fortune diamond show.

Venetian Hotel
We take the free shuttle from Galaxy Hotel to Venetian Hotel. We take pictures in the famous San Luca Canal and the Sky Ceiling. The man-made blue sky looks so real and stunning.

Wynn hotel
We take a free shuttle to Wynn Hotel. Then, watched the Dragon of Fortune Show and Performance Lake. The kids are so amazed in the Dragon of Fortune Show where the dragon emerges in a rolling fog and rises to a height of 28 feet, featuring an animated head complete with glowing eyes and smoke billowing from its nostrils.

Grand Lisboa
From Wynn Macau's we walked to the Grand Lisboa and other nearby hotels to take more pictures.

From this hotel, we take a shuttle to Macau Ferry Terminal. The lady whose in-charge on the shuttles is also a Filipina :).

Upon reaching the Macau ferry Terminal, we dined in a dimsum restaurant. Then, take a Turbo Jet Ferry back to Hongkong.

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