Monday, May 06, 2013


Ocean Park
We bought discounted tickets to Ocean Park in our hostel. Then, take MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui to Admiralty and a bus from Admiralty to Ocean Park.

The Ocean Park here is like a combination of Star City, Ocean Park and Ocean Adventure in the Philippines. The ticket includes unlimited rides inside the park.

Marine World

Our first ride is similar to the caterpillar ride but a faster one. It is so fast that I even felt woozy afterwards :).

After that one dizzy ride, we explore the park and have lunch in McDonalds. 

Here are also some of the rides that we tried...

My little one's favorite is the carousel ride :). My boys didn't enjoy the rides because the age requirement in most of the rides are ages 16 and above. One child needs a supervision of one adult.They are very strict on their house rules. Children and adults even need to wear a seat belt in their carousel ride :).

Polar Adventure
We were not able to see the Pandas. They were resting in their hideouts when we came. We only saw them in the cameras shown in the front of their glass cage :)

Ocean Express Summit Station

Sea Lion and Dolphin Show

Summit Cable Car Station
This is all our first time in a cable car ride. My kids have really enjoyed this ride. I coudn't even remember how many times we ride in here :).

Old Hongkong

Mongkok - Street Foods and Ladies Night Market
At night, we go to Mongkok to experience their street foods and Ladies Night Market. We ride MTR from Admiralty To Shim Tsa Tsui. Then, Switched to MTR blue line and ride from Shim Tsa Tsui to Mongkok. We actually got lost again in finding that specific street in Mongkok. But we we're able to find it after a few minutes of asking directions from the locals. Then, we had our dinner in one of the noodle restaurants there.

There is nothing much to see in the Ladies Night Market because the goods they were selling are just similar to the ones in Divisoria. We just bought few jade bracelets and a key chain. Then, off we go back to the hostel.

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