Saturday, May 04, 2013


Arrival in Hongkong
Our Clark to Hongkong flight is 7:20 am via Air Asia. We came in Clark just in time. We immediately checked in our baggage, pay terminal fees and travel taxes. Then, headed to the immigrations, wait for a few minutes and board in the plane :). We arrived in Hongkong earlier than the expected travel time. It was cloudy and rainy in Hongkong.

We proceeded to the immigration hall, get free maps and picked up our luggage. We also bought an octopus card at the Airport Express Station. We transport to our hostel in Tsim Sha Tsui via Airport Express Railway to Kowloon Station and then hop on a taxi from Kowloon to Tsim Sha Tsui.

We eat lunch in the hostel and took a rest for a while. We exchange USD to Hongkong Dollars, buy discounted tickets to The Peak Tram and ask for some directions to the hostel reception. They were very accommodating and even gave us a larger and a more comprehensive map.

From Tsim Sha Tsui, we walk to the Star Ferry Pier. Then, take the Star Ferry to Central Hongkong. We take a bus and somehow missed our stop to the Peak Tram. This is the part where we got lost. We asked directions to the Filipinos on the bus and instructed us to take another bus going back to Central Hongkong. Luckily, we met another Filipina and said she will get off to the same stop as ours. She even accompanied us to the Peak Tram lower terminus :)).

Upon reaching the Lower Terminus, we bought additional tickets to the Peak Tram. We sat on the right side of the tram to take advantage of the view riding to the summit of Victoria Peak.

Madame Tussauds
Madame Tussauds takes her exhibition on tour and establishes a base in London. The attraction survives World War II and becomes an interactive experience in the 1990's. Some of Madame Tussauds original work and earliest relics are still on display in London. Madame Tussauds continues regularly to add figures that reflect contemporary public opinion and celebrity popularity. The attraction also continues to expand globally with established international branches and one of which is Hongkong.

Madame Tussauds is located in Level P1 of The Peak. We get an up close and personal moments and photos with our favorite celebrities, world leaders, scientists and sport champs here :).

The Peak
The Peak Tower is situated in Victoria Gap, a dip along the line of the hills at an elevation of 396 meters. The Peak Tower is a leisure destination offering great variety of dining, specialty shopping and interactive entertainment. The Sky Terrace 428 is located at the roof top of The Peak Tower. The Sky Terrace  standing at 428 meters above sea level is the highest viewing terrace in Hongkong offering a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across Hongkong.
(Source: Dragon World Limited)

Since it’s rainy and foggy in The Peak, we didn’t see a clear panoramic view of Hongkong at the Peak Tower but this didn’t stop us in taking pictures up there :)).

And we somehow able to have this photo :)...

We strolled and shopped in the lower level of The Peak,  bought 2 pairs of shoes at discounted prices :) and then dined in Burger King.

We transport back to the hostel and take the Peak Tram again from the upper terminus to the lower terminus. Then, ride in Star Ferry and walk all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui.

Our first day in Hongkong is interesting and yet an exhausting day :).


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