Saturday, April 30, 2011


It is our 3rd swimming getaway and our last for the summer :). We stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Dawal Beach Resort, Zambales. And we have experienced the comfort and leisure living there.

Day 1
We left the house before sunrise and arrived in Zambales almost noon. We ate lunch and then proceeded to the resort after. It was blazing hot so we stayed for hours in our rooms and rest for awhile. We spent the whole day swimming and eating in Dawal. We dipped in the pool late in the afternoon until night time. The kids had fun in the adult pool slides. The pool is open until midnight. I have a little complain though on the pool's water, it has too much chlorine and it's painful to open your eyes underwater without goggles.

Day 2
We went to Isla Vista to meet the other groups and ate our breakfast there before heading to Potipot Island. After eating, we rented a boat from Isla Vista going to the island. Potipot Island is an uncommercialized white sand beach island few minutes away from Isla Vista through a boat ride. There are no public accommodations or hotels on the island. You can go camping overnight on the island, or rent an overnight hut. We prefer to stay in a comfortable resort in the mainland which is Dawal and just did a day trip on the Potipot Island which most of the visitors also do. We stayed in the island for two hours because most of us couldn't take the blazing heat of the sun in noon time. Also, we need to go back to Isla Vista for our lunch. After lunch, we returned back to Dawal for our siesta time and take a nap. Then, we dipped in the pool again until dinner time. We headed back to Isla Vista for our dinner.

I can say that the island makes our trip worthwhile :) The white sand is adorable and salt water is clear. But be careful though because the beach floor slopes down rapidly so it's not advisable to swim too far from the shore.

Day 3
Our departure day...after eating breakfast, we checked out in the resort and left there before 8:00AM. We were the first group to leave. We stopped at Iba to buy some mangoes. On our way home, I was busy taking pictures on the road paths, farms, mountains that we're passing by. Last stop was a drive thru Jollibee outlet in Bulacan for our lunch.

We arrived home at noon time. Just perfect to meet the call time for basketball training of my two boys.

We really had so much fun. The kids were so delighted on the accessibility of the pool in the resort. They enjoyed the pool more rather than the beach although the beach is accessible on the other side also :). They can swim anytime of the day even during night because the water is warm.

Looking forward again of a great summer getaway next year!
Thanks everyone for reading my long story :)


Dhemz said...

whoaaaaaaaaa...kaka envy naman kau sis....ang sarap! miss ko na ang dagat...ehehehe!

MinnieRunner said...

That is something I am so much missing... summer outing! When I get back, sana makahabol pa ako sa summer! :)

STEF said...

Come play with us at Messy Go Round Meme and have fun!

Arnel Syjuco Oroceo said...

wow! kainggit naman...

carinamodella said...

we had a great time guys...thanks for visiting!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Wow, saya naman ng vacation nyo sis looks like lahat kayo tlagang nag enjoy.

jellybelly said...

Sarap naman! You guys are really making the most of the summer :)

carinamodella said...

yes girls! todo na yan for the summer kasi baka next year wala na...waaah!

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