Thursday, April 28, 2011


These are the things that kept us busy in observing the Holy Week...

On Maundy Thursday
MIL invited us to go with her to the church. She asked us to bring white towels because we have a participation in the mass.

The gospel was about "The Last Supper". The priest and 12 other men re-enacted the last supper including the washing of feet that Jesus did to all his disciples. We all thought that finishes the act.

Afterwards, the priest announced that the disciples must follow what Jesus did to them. The 12 other men proceeded to the crowd and do the washing of feet to selected families. One of the 12 men approached us and choose 2 family members which is MIL and Me. He poured water on our feet and wipe it with white towel.

I saw my boys removing their sandals because they thought that they'll also be participating. I whispered to them that the man chooses only two. There was a disappointment in their eyes so I told them that next time maybe it will be their turn .

While everyone is contemplating and praying, my little girl is dancing and singing few steps near the altar. Even with my "shhhs" and "hey", she's very persistent in her own activities.

The priest announced that everyone will be sharing a small meal during the mass. We decided to go and not to finish the mass because hubby has work and he will already be late.

I think that mass lasted for almost 2 hours.

On Good Friday
We go to the church for repentance and confession. We pay respect to the image of Jesus that was nailed on the cross. We also did our Station of the Cross. We alternately include the kids in leading the prayer. My Way of the Cross guide is in Tagalog version but we're saying the prayers in English so my boys could follow.

Black Saturday
We all just stayed at home except for hubby who has work that day.

Easter Sunday
We attended the Easter Sunday late morning mass. And then went to the nearby mall to buy a few stuffs for my little girl.


Dhemz said...

ang galing...miss ko na talaga ang tradition natin jan sa pinas...dito kasi pag holy week parang wala lang.

carinamodella said...

korek! different traditions and practices especially in provinces

jellybelly said...

What a great way for the kids to understand the meaning of Holy Week. We just stayed home like we always do.

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