Friday, December 24, 2010


Tonight is already Christmas Eve. The celebration of nativity starts with a midnight mass on a Christmas Eve. A Noche Buena feast will follow after. There will be exchange greetings and gifts among family members. This is a simple way of celebrating Christmas and a perfect one for me and the rest of the family. Regardless of how grandiose your celebration will be as long as you spend it together with the whole family....that indeed, is a Perfect Christmas.

A holiday is about the time spent together with loved ones. It is about gifts that come from the heart, and it is about the thousands of years of tradition that mark the holiday season. During this season let us remember to be grateful for the gifts God.

I want to share a beautiful poem with you in celebrating the Yuletide Season...

Christmas Time is finally here,
It only comes but once a year.
And it's a time to spread good cheer,
To those we love and hold so dear.

Christmas Time is a time of glee,
A time when peace and love run free.
A time for those like you and me,
To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Time is a time of joy,
A time to sit back and enjoy.
The smile on each girl and boy,
As they play with a Christmas Toy.

Christmas Time is a time to share,
The passing of another year.
Birth of Jesus, a joyful prayer,
To show loved ones how much we care.

Christmas Time is a time for song,
A time for us to get along.
To make us feel Lord Jesus strong,
Forgive all those who did us wrong.

Christmas Time is a time to pray,
Put love and kindness on display.
Show compassion along the way,
Christmas Time should be everyday.

Poem Source: Christmas Time, Christmas Poems

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Jona said...

CHristmas is really a time to give love esp to our family coz Jesus gave us his love in the first place :D

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Chris said...

thanks for sharing that wonderful poem :) happy new year :)

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