Saturday, November 06, 2010


Last weekend, we went to Star City to treat The Siblings. This is the fave theme park of MJM. Since it is halloween, we have seen a lot of kids wearing their creepy outfit. There was even a contest show for the best in halloween costume.

They couldn't get in to all the rides because of the height limit. They were only allowed to family rides and a few adult rides. Despite that, they seem to enjoy and had a wonderful experience that day. I can say that they are now an expert "bump car" rider :).

Here are some of our photos...
 photo PA300007.jpg

 photo PA300011.jpg
 photo PA300088.jpg
 photo PA300064.jpg
 photo PA300066.jpg
 photo PA300067.jpg
 photo PA300070.jpg
 photo PA300050.jpg
 photo PA300053.jpg

 photo PA300057.jpg

 photo PA300058.jpg
 photo PA300032.jpg
 photo PA300041.jpg
 photo PA300034.jpg
 photo PA300043.jpg
 photo PA300019.jpg
 photo PA300020.jpg


the all-around mom said...

ang saya! :)

carinamodella said...

super enjoy sila :))

Dhemz said...

next time sama ako sis...hehehe!

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