Saturday, October 02, 2010


MJM: The Ilumin Siblings would like to thank all our regular droppers. You have all made my serious blogging this month really worth it. Here are the TOP 10 EC droppers and their corresponding number of drops for the month of September:

Jennyholic   (19) 
elai's haven   (15)
Life's Passages   (14)
The Twerp & I   (12)

As our way of thanking you, there will be a spot on my sidebar dedicated for the top droppers. Hope all of you guys continue to visit this blog. I will try my best to return the visit as well.

On my next post...The Top 10 Commenters :)


_el@i_ said...

yehey, both of my blogs made it here. thanks for the mention and the linky love. i hope i could make it on your list for this month. congrats to the others on the list as well ;)

jellybelly said...

Thank you :) I enjoy visiting!

zh3en22 said...

yay, 2 blog of mine are on your list, thanks for the mention

Melissa said...

Thank you for the link love.

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