Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It was held last Friday, March 23 at around 1pm in Gregoria de Jesus Elementary School, a mass graduation of the 15 Barangay Day Care Centers in Kalookan.

The preschools were adorable in their white suit with toga. The program started by a graduation march, the graduates with their parents lead by the Day Care Teachers and Barangay Captains.
The weather was really hot during this day. Other students were already having tantrums because of the weather plus their uncomfortable togas. In spite of this, Kuya manages to be calm and was properly seated on his chair from the start until the end of the program.

The top 3 students of each class were called for the awarding ceremonies. Students were orderly called for the giving of certificates. Yaku is cheerfully applauding for his Kuya whenever it is called on the stage, a very supportive brother indeed :-)
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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thebeautyqueen said...

congratz, mj! keep it up! always make your mama and fafa proud! just want you to know that your tita is proud and happy, too! God bless you and be a good boy always!

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