Friday, November 14, 2014


All parents are invited to come in school on the second day of recollection for a conference with the recollection facilitator. Prior to this, they have requested all parents to invest time and effort and be emotionally connected in writing a Dialogic Letter to our child. This has been submitted to the Pastoral Office prior to recollection.

Kuya also has a letter for us. The recollection facilitator told us that the students also made an effort in writing a letter for parents. We were touched while reading his letter. It is afterwards followed by a surprise interaction with our child.

The recollection was then followed by a Mass and Kuya was selected as one of the readers.

One of their recollection activities was to draw things that reminds them of each of their family members. This is posted on the bulletin board inside the NDGM chapel.

I was actually laughing at how he see his Dad. Let's take a close look on his drawing...

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