Saturday, September 18, 2010


Sore eyes is an inflammation of the inner eyelid, caused by a viral infection. The infection is transmitted by touch. It lasts around three to four days.

It’s annoying, but hardly life-threatening. The inconvenience brought about by sore eyes, however, especially with its highly contagious nature, is best controlled by minimizing exposure to other people. People with low resistances will be more prone to sore eyes than others.

But still no matter how careful we are...we can still get it anywhere at anytime...

When JM arrived from school yesterday, his eyes were red and itchy.We immediately called his pedia to schedule him for a check-up. I was worried because i know we will be stuck again in the clinic for long hours since it is already weekend in which bulk of patients normally go there. So it's a good thing that her assistant nurse just advise us on what to medicate initially to relieve the discomfort brought about by the virus.

I am more anxious now for my little girl, my eldest and to all of us in the house who might get infected also. Currently, we're doing the precautionary measures to avoid getting the virus by:
1. Washing hands frequently.
2. Avoid touching  faces to minimize the possibility of bringing the virus to the eyes.
3. Limiting our interaction with JM and keeping him isolated. (i admit that this is the hardest part) 


Ren Tolentino said...

get well soon.

katy said...

hi dear i love reading your posts, youre absoulutely a great mother, is it fine with you if we can exchange links?i will appreciate it, thanks

carinamodella said...

hi ren, you have a blog pala.
@katy: sure girl, added you already :)

verabear said...

Aw. Just this week we have three people from the office out because of sore eyes. There were more before that.

Dhemz said...

oh my...I saw other blogger friend of mine has sore eyes as well.

I used to cure it with my urine...way back in the works though!

carinamodella said...

@vera: grabe noh? it's everywhere
@dhemz: really? maybe, i should try it...hahaha!

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