Monday, September 27, 2010


MJM: The Ilumin Siblings is now ready to join a blog meme.

What is a meme?
A meme is unit of cultural information that represents a basic idea that can be transferred from one individual to another, and subjected to mutation, crossover and adaptation. For bloggers, “memes” are daily suggested subjects which are hosted by fellow bloggers also. This is also an opportunity to meet new friends in the blogosphere.

I’m very interested in the wordless memes. A blogger, generally talks all the time. So I find it commendable having a subject picture weekly without saying any word. The picture itself expresses its own meaning. And the realization depends on the readers as to how they interpret and appreciate it.

See you all on Wednesday! :)


Gee said...

nice to hear that you'll be joining wordless wednesdays. I join it too but only when I have something special to share in my blog. speaking of my blog, thanks for the comments that you had left there. :)

carinamodella said...

thanks..gee! thank you for visiting here as well :)

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