Monday, August 09, 2010


On a Saturday evening, we went to pediatrician's clinic because my little girl was sick and needed a prescription while my two sons were scheduled for booster immunization. We were aware of the long lines during weekends so we preferred to came in late and arrived there at 6:30PM. We're surprised by the big crowd outside the clinic. They're all on queue with the same pedia...which happens to be our pedia also.

Unfortunately, our number is second to the last. Nevertheless, we waited patiently for us to be called. At 7:30PM, the crowd was not diminishing so we decided to eat dinner at the hospital's food gallery. We came back at 8:30PM, the crowd diminished, however there were still numerous number of patients waiting.

Majority of the children's sickness were fever, cough and colds. We were finally called by the secretary at 11:45PM. The doctor gave Majja medications for her cough and colds and some antibiotics.

Before we go home, we bought medicine's for my little girl. I didn't expect that we will go home that day at past midnight.

Don't worry because My little girl is well now and her energy is already back to normal :). Thanks to Dra. Cristine Teh of Chinese General Hospital.

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