Monday, August 30, 2010


The result of MJMs exams were great. Kuya got perfect scores in Reading and Computer while JYaku got a perfect score in Science. There were few mistakes on other subjects but it's okay and satisfactorily indeed for a mom who serves as their tutor during the review period. The VL that i filed and the hard work were all worth it!

As part of our reward for my two boys, we treat them to an unlimited play in Cosmic Kidz. My little girl enjoyed playing there for an hour, too. We were there at the mall for almost whole day. Then later in the afternoon, we went to their cousin's kiddie party at Tropical Hut.

We had a blast yesterday. It was an exhausting and joyful day for us.

Here are some of our pictures...
 photo P8290033.jpg
 photo P8290044.jpg
 photo P8290042-1.jpg
 photo P8290036.jpg
 photo P8290035.jpg
 photo P8290031.jpg
 photo P8290016.jpg
 photo P8290026.jpg
 photo P8290023.jpg
 photo P8290021.jpg
 photo P8290019.jpg
 photo P8290014.jpg
 photo P8290012-1.jpg
 photo P8290010.jpg
 photo P8290009.jpg
 photo P8290007.jpg
 photo P8290005.jpg
 photo P8290004.jpg
 photo P8290001.jpg
 photo P8290053.jpg
 photo P8290054.jpg
 photo P8290056.jpg

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