Friday, July 30, 2010


This is just actually the 2nd part of MJM's school Nutrition Week. And this is celebrated from July 26 to 30.

NDGM recognizes the importance of developing healthy nutrition among students and pupils. Much as they value the children's health; they also value their ability to learn. And to be an active learner, they should develop the habit of choosing only healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle.

The objectives are:
1. Foster a school environment that promotes good nutrition.
2. Make students and pupils realize the importance of taking breakfast before going to school.
3. Inculcate the habit of making healthy food choices as a lifestyle.
4. Sustain the practive of "Clean As You Go Policy".

The school's activities include the following suggested foods:
July 26 (Monday) Breakfast Day
July 27 (Tuesday) Milk Day
July 28 (Wednesday) Fruit Day
July 29 (Thursday) Vegetable Day
July 30 (Friday) Protein Day

And these are the food that I personally prepared for my two boys:
Day 1 - HOTDOG, rice, Zest-O mango juice drink
Day 2 - ALASKA MILK, rice, luncheon meat, C2 lemon iced tea
Day 3 - BANANA, egg, rice, C2 apple iced tea
Day 4 - GINISANG AMPALAYA, hotdog, rice, Zest-O mango juice drink
Day 5 - CRISPY ULAM BURGER, rice, C2 lemon iced tea

"Batang may Kinabukasan, sa Wastong Nutrisyon Simulan"

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