Monday, December 10, 2007


Yesterday was Kuya's Family Day. We bring our own food to get rid of the hassle of long lines in the food stalls. It was a long meeting before the event started listing all the candidates for the games. The games proper started at 11:00AM and it was a sunny and hot weather. Luckily, we were assigned to play in the gymnasium and not in the field. We participated in almost all of the Kinder level games.
Yaku was persistent in asking us to join in the games so we asked teacher if he can join in one game as a replacement for Kuya. As a result Yaku was still sort of "bitin" and even wanted to join in the Elementary level games :-) I told him that those games are intended for the big boys only and we were not allowed to join that game.
We went home early and wasn't able to finish the awarding ceremonies as my husband was so tired and sleepy. It was our first time to join in this family activity and we really had fun.

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