Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday, we have witnessed the Day 3 of awesome fireworks display at Macapagal Avenue. It was actually fireworks of 10 nations all in one venue, a 5 day World Pyro Olympics event. It was like the Y2K Fireworks experts of Australia, Poland, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Canada, China and the Philippines all in a spectacular five-day show.

The first fireworks started at around 8:00pm, United Kingdom and the second at 9:00pm, Germany. Each fireworks lasted for almost 30 minutes. We were all stunned by the scenic view in the sky. It was a once in a lifetime experience that would be best enjoyed with your family and loved ones.

Here is my actual shot of the United Kingdom’s exhibition yesterday:
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thebeautyqueen said...

wow! nakakamiss naman yang mga fireworks... kasi dito walang ganyan, di gaya sa atin halos di ka na makalabas ng bahay sa dami ng nagpapaputok!

erwinc said...

"..di ka na makalabas ng bahay sa dami ng nagpapaputok!"

mas mainit at romantic pala tayong mga pinoy kaysa sa mga mexicano...hehehehe

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