Sunday, April 17, 2016


We were very happy with our kids accomplishments in school. They have performed well so they really deserve an exciting out of town summer vacation.

The overall grades are very good and they were all in the top rank of their class. Little girl has a medal. She is the Spelling Contest Winner for Grade 1 Level. But sad to say, our outing coincides with our little girl's recognition date. The outing was actually set ahead before her school informed us on the recognition date.

It was supposed to be our first recognition but we don't want to cancel the outing. So we let the little girl choose where she want to go. And she chose the beach outing :). We will just get her medal on the school enrollment.

The two days and one night beach outing in Morong, Bataan consists of several families bonded as a get-together of Hubby's former co-workers. All kids are familiar already with each other because they have met several times already on the recent birthday party events. Their group were also inseparable :).

Here are some of our photos:
Breakfast...Our first stop while waiting for the others to arrive...


We love the beach!

Photo ops before leaving...

Lunch...Our last stop before going home...

Thank you to the organizers!
Thank you everyone!
We all had a great time!

Disclaimer: Some of the photos are not mine, credits to photo owners.

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