Wednesday, May 06, 2015


As we passed by a bookstore last Saturday to buy MJMs school supplies, my boys were invited by Doodle Art Enthusiasts to join the iDOODLE On-The-Spot Doodle Challenge. There's an allotted section inside the bookstore for the challenge.

The Titus iDoodle On-the-Spot Ballpen Art Contest mission is to give opportunity to Filipino artists, both young and old, to demonstrate their skills in Doodle Art as well as widen the public’s understanding and appreciation of the art.

Each participants were given Titus pens in different colors as their tools in creating their entry on an A4 sized sketch pad, with an open theme that enabled them to showcase their creativity and imagination.

According to, a doodle “is an unfocused or an unconscious drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.” It is  a drawing made during moments of boredom (or the likes of it) in the form of simple shapes morphed into an abstract image, or some cartoon characters taking the sheet of a paper as an illusion of their own world, without the drawing actually in relation to the situation at hand.

Doodling is actually a great and fun way of expressing yourself. The two boys were a bit shy in showing their drawings and were giggling during the souvenir photo session :).

Every participants also get freebies such as: exlusive iDoodle‬ shirt, Titus Pens set and utility cardboard box.

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