Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hi! How's your summer vacation?
Have you already been to the beach to beat the summer heat?
Were your kids enrolled in a summer program/training?

My kids have still less than a month to go to enjoy their summer vacation. They're following a DIY Summer Activity Program which I've prepared "exclusively" for them. 

There's a set time and duration of each daily activities in a comfortable schedule so they can still have a free time for themselves. Their daily activities includes: Morning workout, Vocabulary words,  Advance lesson study, English and Tagalog composition themes,  Household chores and Scheduled playtime outside.

I'm checking the vocabulary, lessons and composition themes every weekend. Saturday and Sunday are their rest days :).

I'm not a strict mom. I only want them to grow up with a sense of responsibility while having leisure of a wonderful and productive summer vacation.

We have better and lots of plans next year. We're crossing our fingers on this and hoping it will materialize (wink!).

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