Thursday, February 26, 2015


Yaku, I and Hubby had just celebrated our Birthdays this Love Month in the same order :)

Yaku and Hubby's Birthdays were celebrated in our house. I've prepared a birthday banner (with the help of my officemate) for Yaku's Birthday and a small birthday present. It was a family celebration. We've ordered everything as requested by Yaku...a simple feast just enough for all of us.

My Birthday falls on a weekend so we take the opportunity of celebrating it somewhere. Firstly, we attended mass then later dine in a restaurant.

There's also a celebration made at the office as prepared by my Team :)

Hubby's Birthday celebration was celebrated in advance last Saturday because he has work on his Birthday. He invited some of his close friends at work and in his Caloocan hometown to celebrate with us. My MIL prepared three viands. I also cooked two viands for the kids. And have prepared some snacks as their additional pulutan :).

Sorry Hubby, I was able to capture only two pictures because I'm verrrrry busy that day :)).

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