Monday, April 16, 2012


It is indeed more fun here in the Philippines! There's so many beautiful beaches and places to go most especially during summer.

We spent our lenten vacation in Pangasinan and enjoyed the nearby beach there in Binmaley. It is a public beach where you can enjoy swimming for free. You have to pay only for the cottages if you want to have a cozy place to stay while swimming. There is also shower fee and dressing room fee of Ᵽ5 per person.

The beach was really nice. But I'd noticed some garbage not properly disposed of and were just thrown everywhere. The local government should seriously pay attention on this and must strictly implement cleanliness on the beach. Locals and the visitors should also be aware of their responsibilities as well and do our part to preserve the beach.



One wacky shot by Majja :)...


Jellybelly said...

Majja sure knows how to pose :) A lovely little lady she is.

The Twerp and I

Pepper said...

She looks so cute in her two-piece bathing suit :)

I'd love to hit the beach too... it's so hot now...

Mayet said...

enjoy ang mga bata talaga!!;)

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