Monday, June 27, 2011


We were actually choosing between Kung Fu Panda and Green Lantern. We ended up watching the Warner Bros.’ new action adventure Green Lantern.

It was my toddler's first time to enter in a movie house. Yeah, I know it is not advisable for toddlers to watch this movie and don't you worry because she didn't watched the movie. She was just busy eating popcorn inside the theater. At first, she was surprised in the dark room and loud sound effects but after a few minutes she already get used to it. Some scenes were catching her attention and she's helping me explaining these are only part of the movie :).

It's the latest superhero action movie which is the reason why the two boys really liked the film. I also liked the special effects plus its positive message.

Maybe next time, we'll watch a GP Rated film where my tot could also enjoy the movie.


jellybelly said...

Looks like she had fun anyway and of course the boys did! I'm thinking of watching Mr. Popper and the Penguins with my little girl but I hate Jim Carey :)

Dhemz said...

oh my! ang saya saya...looks like the kids are having a blast....:) would love to watch this movie.

anne said...

Buti kumakain lang siya eh itong sa aking gusto pa yata gawing play ground ang sinehan wahhh. Thansk for the visit Carina

Arnel Syjuco Oroceo said...

Green Lantern is my favorite super hero after superman, hehe.. As usual I've missed the movie..

carinamodella said...

thanks girls! it is still showing arnel :)

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