Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just recently, we noticed that MJs front teeth is becoming transparent. The strong white teeth are still apparent, but only at the top of the tooth near the gum line. The bottom half of the teeth are now changing to almost transparent in color. There is a noticeable straight horizontal line on the teeth where it changes from the normal looking white tooth to the clearer looking tooth.

According to the dentist, his teeth is thin and the enamel is coming off. The inner tooth is exposed and becoming visible which makes the tooth looks thinner.

From the information that i have gather, the common causes of transparent teeth are:
1. Bruxism or acid erosion. Acid erosion can occur due to a number of causes. Other causes include frequent use of chlorinated swimming pools and highly acid foods such as herbal teas, citrus fruit drinks, citrus carbonated sodas, and tomato juice or tomato based juices.

2. Teeth grinding, constant rubbing of foreign objects such as toothpicks, pens, tongue rings and the like, conditions such as bulimia which produce vomiting all slowly eat away at your enamel.

Preventions are:
1. Avoid the causes of enamel loss.
2. Always brush your teeth after consuming things that contain low pH levels such as those found in citric acids. Additionally food and drinks with high sugar concentrations cause lactic acid build up within your mouth which lowers the pH level.
3. Use a soft toothbrush and brush your teeth moderately and gently.
4. Build enamel. Look into products which include enamel building sodium fluoride. Many products exist such as toothpastes and mouth washes which claim to help build enamel.

Loss of tooth enamel not only causes translucency but can also leads to partial or total loss of the teeth from decay. It may be too late but we should start our children off right by taking the necessary precautions on their adult teeth.


Dhemz said...

veru scientific ang explaination...ehehehe!

MinnieRunner said...

Will keep those in mind. I don't have a nice teeth.

Anonymous said...

My son's front teeth look like this too. I've been keeping regular dental appointments for him and follow all dentist's instructions.

Danielle said...

I actually as an adult have this problem because of stress. I grind my teeth and I have fear of losing my teeth so I brush them exsessively don't ask it's a left over fear from when I was pregnant 3 years ago. My dentist made me go see a doctor and they perscribed me anti depressants to keep me a little less off edge and to relax me enough not to grind my teeth. Here is how that played out for me... NOT one should be given and antidepressant for grinding their teeth,

carinamodella said...

thanks for sharing your experiences here. i will take note of that.

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